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San Luis Obispo bans plastic to promote city-wide cleanliness


SLO bans plastic products in food service industry unless requested by the customer.
Photo by Horia Varlan / Creative Commons

Allison Turner
Opinion Editor

A ban on single use plastic products went into effect on Mar. 1 for the city of San Luis Obispo.

This ban prohibits businesses from handing out plastic cups, straws, and bottles unless customers specifically ask for these products.

The distribution of plastic bottles under 21 oz is also prohibited on city property. An exception will be made for take out containers, according to SloCity.org.

After reaching out to the community and conducting a study session, the ban was passed by the San Luis Obispo City Council last November in an effort to reestablish cleanliness of outdoor recreational spaces.

As part of the “SLO Down Plastics Rise Above Single Use campaign” –which focuses on inspiring and educating residents, will provide support for businesses affected by this decision.

Those visiting the downtown area are advised to bring their own reusable bottles or drink containers to events such as the Downtown SLO Farmers’ Market and Concerts in the Plaza.

For more information and regulations visit www.slocity.org