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Staff Picks: What to watch, listen to, or do while social distancing

Streaming shows, playing video games, and hobbies pass the time during isolation. Photo by Valeria Cisneros

While everyone is at home during the San Luis Obispo County “shelter-at-home” order, people might be trying to figure out how to pass the time.

Now that Cuesta College has transitioned to online classes, which includes The Cuestonian, the staff has been catching up on their favorite shows, listening to their favorite albums or podcasts, or just doing activities to keep from becoming stir crazy. 

Here is a list of what every Cuestonian staff member is up to.

Ava Kershner, Editor-in-Chief

Watching: Tiger King and That ‘70s Show

Listening to: Kacey Musgraves and Lana Del Rey

Doing: Reading East of Eden, walks and yoga

Lauren Wassam, Editor-in-Chief

Watching: Sex Education, Tiger King, Criminal Minds

Listening to: My Favorite Murder Podcast

Doing: Painting

Valeria Cisneros, Editor-at-Large

Watching: On My Block, RuPaul’s Drag Race

Listening to: YHLQMDLG album by Bad Bunny

Doing: Learning how to draw

Anthony Ramos, Editor-at-Large

Watching: Dave and Tiger King

Listening to: The Pat McAfee Show

Doing: Puzzles, driving around, playing Apex, Mario and Fortnite

Ellie Thomas, Managing Editor

Watching: Criminal Minds

Listening to: Lindsey Sterling

Doing: Writing short stories

Michael Costa, News Editor

Watching: Chris Cuomo briefings, HBO movies and Fifty Shades of Black

Listening to: All of Madonna and the early ‘80s

Doing: Running, painting furniture and work on garden

Emma Nushi, Sports Editor

Watching: Entire Star Wars franchise chronologically

Listening to: Such Hot Blood album by The Airborne Toxic Event

Doing: Reading books and playing the keyboard

Sam Moore, Social Media Editor

Watching: Better Call Saul

Listening to: Green Day and System Of A Down

Doing: Animal Crossing: New Horizons and hiking

Guadalupe Angeles, Layout Editor

Watching: Waiting on La Casa de Papel/Money Heist Part 4

Listening to: EXO and Jonghyun

Doing: Playing with her cats, editing videos, and working on her graphic art

Leah Monson, Features Editor

Watching: Futurama and Disney movies

Listening to: LoFi Chillhop music on YouTube and Jenna and Julien Podcast

Doing: Baking and Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Jonathan Apelado, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Watching: Star Wars/Marvel movies

Listening to: Khalid, Pink Sweat$, and Bruno Major

Doing: Homework, Animal Crossing: New Horizons and COD: Modern Warfare

Aubrie Arndt, Arts & Entertainment Editor

Watching: Tiger King and ‘80s/’90s movie marathons

Listening to: TedTalks, NYT Modern Love series and NPR

Doing: Exercises, building a website and communicating with loved ones

Dillon Azarvand, Photo Editor

Watching: Parks & Recreation and Tiger King

Listening to: Emotional Oranges and Kid Krow

Doing: Animal Crossing: New Horizons, cooking and cleaning

Emily Friedman, Opinion Editor

Watching: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Listening to: Talk Heathen Podcast, Future Nostalgia album by Dua Lipa

Doing: Meditating, online yoga and cleaning out her room

Anna Paulson, Opinion Editor

Watching: Tiger King, Outlander and Chris D’Elia

Listening to: SAINt JHN

Doing: Going to Big Sur

Lauren Grasmick, Music Editor

Watching: Little Fires Everywhere

Listening to: Otis Redding

Doing: Yoga on her balcony

Hannah Halferty, Political Editor

Watching: Tiger King

Listening to: My Favorite Murder

Doing: Painting and hiking

Nathan Moran, Illustration Editor

Watching: Adventure Time, Regular Show

Listening to: Pony album by Rex Orange County

Doing: Working on his art and animation

Dr. Henry Indiana “Indy” Jones, Mascot

Watching: Cyrus’ every move

Listening to: Cyrus making food

Doing: Naps, walks, snuggling

Cyrus Saatsaz, Advisor

Watching: Curb Your Enthusiasm, Watchmen (HBO series), Bloodline, Tiger King, Peaky Blinders, The Rise of Skywalker, The Way Back and The Ranch

Listening to: The Bill Simmons Podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, Warrior 24 Podcast, Dropping In surfing podcast, and music

Doing: Teaches six online classes at three different universities and colleges, and taking The Cuestonian’s official mascot Indiana, or Indy, on walks in beautiful San Luis Obispo