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The Cuestonian is back baby!

Left to right: Michael Costa, Ava Kershner, Taylor Saugstad, Ellie Thomas, Lauren Wassam, Guadalupe Angeles, Jo Acquafresca, Valeria Cisneros, Anthony Ramos, Gunnar Velten and Sam Moore. Below: Emma Nushi and Dr. Indiana Jones. Photo by Cyrus Saatsaz

The Cuestonian is back and we could not be happier! 

Unfortunately, we had to take a one year hiatus, but we’re ready and more motivated than ever to provide our students with ongoing campus news at Cuesta College.

The newspaper serves as the student voice and represents a diverse student body population. Our news team along with our new advisor, Cyrus Saatsaz, are dedicated to expressing our first amendment rights by ensuring that our students are informed of what is happening on campus, including news regarding students and campus life, academic issues, student activities, arts and entertainment, and sports.

The Cuestonian will strive to provide the absolute truth, meaning all information published in articles will be accurate, verified, comprehensive and objective. We as journalists also have a social responsibility as watchdogs over people with power, and it’s our goal to better the system.

The Cuestonian will continue to and always has operated ethically and with integrity. It is vitally important for us to remain a credible news source for the students and we will continue to work diligently in order to provide that news. 

If you’re interested in getting to know us, or wish to be a contributor, feel free to drop by the newsroom in room 6111. You can also find us online at https://www.cuestonian.com/meet-the-newsroom/.