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Walk in the LARP


Matthew Lozano
News Editor

What is LARPing? It is a form of role-playing (Live Action Role Playing to be exact) where the participants physically act out their characters’ actions.

The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world while interacting with each other, all while in character.

“The strength and weakness of these outings all depend on the plays as these events requires some degree of imagination. As good as your imagination is, is as good the time you’ll have.” Brian Rivera, a seasoned LARPER said.

Lo and behold many residents of San Luis Obispo county LARP each and every Saturday. Participation occurs at Santa Rosa Park at 1 pm and—here’s the best part—it’s free! While there are large events that charge admission, regular park meetings are always free. Loaner gear is made available at the park for first-timers which is first come, first served – so if you plan on sticking around it’s best to make your own gear and that’s where the fun begins.

It’s estimated that building your own sword will cost approximately $10 with the right materials.  The event does have some strict rules for weapon construction and safety so if you’re interested you should definitely check with the staff at the events before you spend any hard earned cash on materials or props. A rulebook is always at the event to answer many of questions up-front, but if you’re having any doubts you can ask the participants themselves who are usually very knowledgeable on the rules.

Players are encouraged to think of a character/persona name, and can put as much or as little effort into a backstory or character design as they want. It is advised that you wear clothing that allows freedom of movement and is reasonably tough as grass and dirt stains are not uncommon. Also, as with any rigorous outdoor activity, you should bring sunscreen and plenty of water.

While it’s easy to be intimidated showing up or on your first day –everyone has a first day and everyone learns at their own pace.