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What has been your worst Halloween Experience?



“When I was 10 years old, it was Halloween night and we were trick or treating. I was walking across the street because I was eager to knock on doors of more houses, and was hit by a car!” – Will Miranda, 2nd year

“I was trick or treating with my brother, and a group of kids in my neighborhood stole our candy! I was really bummed because I really wanted a snack for my time in between class at Cuesta last year.” – Michael Gomez, 3rd year

“When I was eight, I stole my friend’s candy bar and it ended up being expired by a few years! Karma really caught up to me.” – Sausha Lippert, 1st year

“One time when I was trick or treating when I was about seven years old, my mom and I accidentally knocked on a house party! I was disappointed that they didn’t have any candy.” – Dan Snelling, 2nd year