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What is The Cuestonian?


Adam Schooley contributed to this video.

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Daniel would describe himself as a lifelong learner, writer, creator, cook and long-term traveler, interested in creating community, collaboration and co-creation. He has been in love with the same beautiful woman for 30+ years and has four endearing and delightful children. He cooks because he says, “we are meant to nourish one another.” He travels because “that is how we discover all the shades of being, and he creates because “that is our purpose.” He is fit yet not fanatical, lighthearted yet neither fickle nor unpredictable. He possesses a modicum of charm tempered by a deferential humanity. He is wrapped with the passions of Jacob and has on occasion dreamt of being the poster child for Carpe Diem. He believes that "what if" is the way that all great adventures begin and should never be squandered on mourning opportunities not taken.