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What to expect from The Cuestonian this Spring 2023

A view of Cuesta College Cougar Park. Photo by AlmanacHobbyist

Welcome readers to an exciting new semester with The Cuestonian!

This spring we have a talented lineup of new reporters and editors, and we look forward to all the great coverage coming from each and every one of them. 

In the position of Editor-in-Chief are returning students Jennaca Ortiz and Thomas Rodda. Their responsibilities include attending monthly board meetings, editing stories from their peers and creating content of their own.

Taking up the mantle of Social Media Editor will be returning student Morgan Csecs as well as Addy Gomez Santiago, a fresh face to the program. Csecs will primarily focus on the publication’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, while Santiago will primarily focus on The Cuestonian’s TikTok page.

New student Elijah Pearson will take on the responsibility of being this semester’s Opinion Editor. He looks forward to being the voice of what students really find important through his columns.

New student Yalina Harris will be responsible for being Arts & Entertainment Editor this semester. She wants to do her best to bring the pinnacle of pop culture and media to the forefront, highlighting what student’s may otherwise miss.

New student Dylan Diulio will be taking up the mantle of being this semester’s Sports Editor. From national events, to the promoting of Cuesta’s own athletic programs, Diulio will have a lot of coverage to keep students up to date.

Returning student Dustin Gil has returned for his second semester as the newsroom’s designated Environmental Editor. He plans to use the position to raise environmental awareness and help the growing effort to heal planet Earth through education and excellent local coverage.

Cyrus Saatsaz returns as the newsroom’s designated advisor. He himself looks forward to a great semester of coverage and growth for his aspiring students.

The last thing to look forward to will be an upcoming program hosted by Thomas Rodda titled, “San Luis Obispo Speaks,” a series on YouTube dedicated to the community discussion of various important topics. The series will be uploaded to The Cuestonian’s YouTube channel.