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Netflix and zoom: 7 unique uses for online meetings

For many, a laptop and webcam (pictured above) have become their primary social outlet in these strange times. Photo by Nathan Moran

With the Shelter at Home order still active in San Luis Obispo, many have had to get creative to keep their social lives afloat. 

While some may be living as usual while meeting friends and loved ones in person, many have had to adapt to social distancing, using applications like Zoom Meetings and Discord to stay connected. 

Here are seven of the most interesting ways people have been using these apps.

  1. Band Zoom. Morro Bay High School student Kayleigh Boardman has been having digital rehearsals with her bandmates. 
  2. Minecraft music festival. Jordan Barclay, who recently moved from San Luis Obispo to Mississippi says he attended a Minecraft music festival using Discord to stream songs and talk. “It was wild,” Barclay said.
  3. Netflix and Zoom. Local student Julia Graham has been having Zoom dates every night with a boy who lives far away. When they’re feeling really adventurous, they’ll watch two movies in one night.
  4. Birthday planning. Middle school student Jager Meier used Zoom to plan a socially distant drive-by birthday party for a friend. 
  5. Dance class. Cuesta College student Julia Lay has used Zoom to choreograph dance routines with her friends.
  6. Livestream. Sam Hendricks, who recently moved from Los Osos to Washington used a Zoom call to livestream himself and his friends. 
  7. 7-year-old’s birthday party. San Luis Obispo local John Mezzapesa used Zoom to throw a birthday party for his daughter, with the whole family in attendance.

It can be tough to stay in touch while always staying home, but people are doing their best to adapt to these strange circumstances. Besides, who wants to Netflix and chill when you can Netflix and Zoom?