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3 simple steps to becoming a published author

We are back
Words Have Power
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Step 1: Sign-up for Journalism 202
Step 2: Write a story
Step 3: Click publish
Rinse and repeat

There is a snap in the air, and the Cuesta College spring 2022 semester has begun with a bang. 

Here at The Cuestonian, we are already pitching story ideas and looking for fresh, engaging ways to keep you entertained and informed.

Our objective is to be a relevant news source in your life. Our goal is to reflect the diversity of student life and the richness of the Central Coast experience.

Once again guided by the veteran hand of Professor Cyrus Saatsaz, here is the current line-up of budding journalist:

Kenzie Johnson: Editor-in-Chief
Daniel Burg: Editor-in-Chief
Jennaca Ortiz: Managing Editor
Cadence Baker: Features Editor
Porter Barr: Automotive Trends Editor
Emily Barry: Arts and Entertainment
Andrea Bateman: Graphics Editor
Zeke Mendez: Social Media Editor
Elizabeth Montijo: Campus Editor
Xavier Ortiz: Opinion Editor
Thomas Rodda: Environmental Editor
Kyle Swanson: Features Editor
Clayton Stout: Sports Editor

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