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The Cuestonian is going on hiatus

Cuesta College Performing Arts Center. Photo by Josh Pachio

Dear Cuestonian readers,

As spring 2020 comes to an end, The Cuestonian will be going on its bi-annual hiatus.

Spring 2020 was full of surprises, namely the COVID-19 pandemic. This led to an uptake in our online reporting and our print newspaper disappearing completely for the rest of the year. 

Some other exciting surprises were story leads that our student journalists followed ardently.

Fall 2020’s newly announced Editor-in-Chief, and Taylor Saugstad Journalist of the Year Award recipient, Michael J Costa, and Political Editor Hannah Haferty followed the Associated Students of Cuesta College (ASCC) elections all semester until voting started May 7.

Current Editor-in-Chief Ava Kershner covered the breaking news of San Luis Obispo County’s shelter-in-place.

Editor-at-Large Valeria Cisneros reported on Cuesta College’s new equity plan while Editor-at-Large Anthony Ramos produced a great profile piece on the head coach of the softball team.

Managing Editor Ellie Thomas gave tips for online success and how to reach resources at Cuesta College.

Sports Editor Emma Nushi reported the results of a local surfing competition.

Arts and Entertainment Editors Aubrie Arndt and Jonathan Apelado covered the effects that quarantine and COVID-19 have had on students. Arndt wrote about more sustainable living for students while Apelado covered what students were doing on spring break.

Photo Editor Dillon Azarvand reached out to students to see what they are doing during quarantine.

Lauren Grasmick reported the change in Cuesta College’s parking permits.

Features Editor Leah Monson wrote a piece about major events being cancelled due to COVID-19. Pre COVID, Monson was covering the newly sparked interest in the Kristin Smart case.

Fall 2020’s other newly announced Editor-in-Chief, Guadalupe Angeles, continued to create graphics for our program and wrote about what it means to drop a course with a W.

Anna Paulson covered the March elections and along with Emily Friedman interviewed students about guns on campus.

Nathan Moran reported on financial aid changes coming to Cuesta College and produced multiple comics.

Through it all our Social Media Editor, Sam Moore, has kept readers informed mostly through Twitter, but also Facebook and Instagram.

In fall 2019, The Cuestonian had 11 reporters. This semester there are 18, and each one produced work relevant to our community.

All of our journalists followed their leads and reported factually despite the hardships COVID-19 created.

We can’t wait to report for all our supporters in fall 2020. See you then!